Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What time is it Mom?

That was the question that Luke kept asking me.  I didn't think much of it at first.  Absently, I just told him the time.  After a couple of months of telling him the time I finally asked him, somewhat sarcastically, if he knew how to tell time.  He replied that he did indeed know how to tell time.  The conversation went no further, but his question of time kept persisting over the next month or so and this time my approach changed.  I started to tell him to just look at the clock and read it for himself and he told me that he couldn't see it.  That's when it hit me... I realized that every time he had been asking me for the time he was sitting on the barstool in the kitchen.  The clock that I had been asking him to read was the tiny little microwave clock that was about ten feet away.  I think I made his eye exam appointment that same day!  Yes, that's why they call me 'Mother of the Year'!
Getting his eyes examined.  Love the look... kind of looks like Steam Punk! 

Trying on the first of many looks after the Optometrist confirmed that he is very definitely nearsighted!

After many, many months he's finally able to see clearly... poor kid!


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