Friday, May 4, 2012

Beauty & The Beast

Hayley auditioned for and got a small part in a high school production of Beauty and the Beast.  She's been in rehearsals since the beginning of January and the show just wrapped on the 28th of April.  The kids put on ten amazing shows over a two week period and, I believe, they even had three or four sold out shows!  This is Hayley's 6th or 7th show that she's been lucky enough to be involved with at the high school since she's been in third grade.  She's looking forward to being an 'official' high school cast member in the fall!  Can't believe high school is almost here!
Hayley putting on her silver make-up.  One of her roles was to play a mantlepiece.

The girls had to paint their own costumes.  I know they don't look great up close, but on stage they really did resemble marble.

She had one hectic wardrobe change when all of the characters turned 'Human Again'.  She had a team of friends helping her with a very quick make-up removal and costume change.

After the show posing with BFF and ballerina, Savannah, and cousins Ashlie, Cody, & Dylan.

Posing with one of her BFF's, Hailey and the character Gaston.

Posing with Babbette and LeFeu.

Posing with Beatrice and Hailey.

Posing with Belle and the Beast.

Posing with our beloved director, Mrs. Pam Cressey!


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