Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day(s) of School

Well, yesterday was the first day of school for us and most of us were ready for it... :)  For me, I was (and still am) definitely looking forward to getting back into a routine. Since Wes works out of his home office I think he was looking forward to some peace and quiet.  Miss Hayley was ready especially since she got the exact schedule that she was hoping for and she was super excited to see her friends.  Luke, on the other hand, could've had another couple of months off!  
Both taller, both in braces, and yes, Luke needs a haircut!
Got to the bus stop with seconds to spare because Luke and I had gone out for cocoa and a donut, so I missed getting my cute pics of all the neighborhood kids!  :(
Luke and Skyler...
Day two of school... I made the kids pose for me this morning and pretend it was the first day since I missed this shot yesterday!