Monday, March 19, 2012

Art Walk 2012

Luke's school held its third annual Art Walk on March 15th.  I am the chairperson for the Art Docent Program at his school this year, so I was very involved in organizing this event.  We tried a few new things this year and I really think it turned out well.  We invited actual artists to come to the event and create their art while students observed, we had a snack bar, we incorporated live music and we actually got press (the local community paper) to cover the event! 
These are the art supplies that we raffled off at the end of the evening.

We got a new principal this year and I have to say she was so wonderfully supportive of the Art Walk.  She allowed us to just smother the school with art work.  Prior to this year each class had a designated spot to hang one piece of artwork and then the rest of the artwork had to be displayed on the students desks in their classrooms.  This year we were able to cover almost every square inch of wall space that the school had!  It seemed so much more official to have the majority of the art work hanging on the walls instead of laying on desks.

My talented friend, Mary, made all of the posters for our Art Walk.  I thought this one (that she created for the snack bar) in particular turned out lovely.

One of our Docents (Catherine) offered up her husband to play the piano during the evening.  It really added to the ambience!

Another Docent (Kathy) headed up an ATC (Art Trading Card) table.  The kids were able to do hands-on art on 2 1/2 x 3" cards.

The ATC table was quite popular!

We had a scavenger hunt game going on during the Art Walk.  This game encouraged all of the students to walk around the entire school to see all of the artwork and look for the numbered green gators.

Bob Garland was one of our Artists-In-Action.  He created an oil painting of a bird.

Patty Arnold was another talented guest artist who uses a number of different mediums.

Iris Scott paints strictly with her fingers.  Her work is amazing and we were so lucky to have her at our event!

Watching Iris in action is amazing!  Check out her website to see her creations come alive! 

Mary Ellen Bowers is a very unique talent.  She creates collages made from cut up pieces of Starbucks Coffee Cards!

Check out a close-up of Mary Ellen's work.  It's gorgeous and amazing!

We had a local artist who created caricatures for the kids.  They were so cute and the kids loved it!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Modigliani Art

For Luke's fourth grade March art lesson, we learned about Amadeo Modigliani.  He's the artist who drew his subjects with elongated faces and necks.  For the actual lesson the students drew self-portraits using the techniques that Modigliani used.  The kids used oil pastels.  I absolutely loved the way this project turned out.  So cute and they were all so unique!