Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teen Spirit

This has been such an incredibly busy month for me and I'm very behind on a number of blog entries.  I'm going to try to catch up in the next few days because I just love the month of October and I definitely want to record the many fun activities, family stuff and the beautiful colors of fall.  AND, of course, it's Miss Hayley's birthday month!  I can't believe Wes and I are now the parents of a cell phone carrying, facebookin', boy-crazy teenager!  It's been a fun ride so far and hopefully the road won't get too awfully bumpy in the coming years (yeah, sure, right....)!  Anyway, we love you Miss Hay and we look forward to continuing to watch you grow into a beautiful young lady!
According to Hayley her thirteenth birthday party was THE BOMB!  Thirteen crazy (and LOUD) girls came over for a slumber party to help Hayley celebrate her special day.   I have to say that I can't post the majority of photos that I captured because the young ladies went crazy pantsing each other and then they didn't feel the need to put their pants back on.   I couldn't believe how comfortable they all were running around in their underwear in front of me!
I got them to hold still for 20 seconds while a took a group shot.  About half of the group were kids Hayley has grown up with since Kindergarten.  The other half were new friends that she's made since starting middle school.  It's been fun to watch her social circle expanding. 
There was lots o' sugar to be had... hey, just had to share my new product find.  These cupcake papers are awesome!  They are made by Reynolds (the aluminum foil people) and I got them at Fred Meyer.  The oils from the cake batter do not wash out the colors... they stay vibrant and gorgeous.  They had beautiful patterns too!
Minute-to-Win-It Party Games

Did I mention how LOUD they were?
Hayley with Maddy and Harrison (our boy crasher!)...

Such pretty piggies...
All of the girlies getting ready to start the movie at 1 a.m.
All of the pretty girlies getting woken up at 9 a.m.!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Luke's Halloween Party 2010

Luke invited a few of his friends over for a Halloween party on an early release day from school last week.  The kids arrived in fabulous costumes and had a great time.  Thank goodness for a gorgeous afternoon because we were able to spend a lot of the afternoon outside!
We had some crazy treats...
What the...?  Is that a hand in the punch?!
The mice are nibbling on some fingers...
Dawn brought her brain.  It was delish!
There were so many kids that we had to have a couple of heats of the donut game.  Miss Madison won a round and Noah won a round!
I totally didn't want to deal with paint this year, so the kids made Picasso Pumpkins by cutting out mismatched eyes and mouths and gluing them on to their pumpkins.  They turned out so fun and I thought they were absolutely hilarious!
Mummy Luke with the twins...
Scary Ninja Logan.
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Frightfest (Part II)

Lisa reminded me today that I forgot to post Part II of my last Halloween post!  I guess I was a bit busy getting ready for Miss Hayley's 13th birthday...  Anyway, Luke's fascination with all things scary has expanded to include zombies and screaming skeletons!  Now that I've been surrounded by all of this stuff for the past couple of weeks, it doesn't seem quite as bad as it initially did... you'll have to let me know what you think.  The spiders, skulls, and bats are actually growing on me...
This guy is actually working my last nerve though... everytime someone enters or exits our house he screams and blinks his green eyes for what seems like five minutes!
Marcus the Carcass
I read on the box that our zombie actually spews "vomit". Upon reading this, I asked for clarification from Wes and he has reassured me that the only thing that will be coming out of Steve's mouth is fog!
Luke has asked if we can incorporate some of the scary stuff inside the house.  Ummmm...I-don't-think-so!