Monday, October 11, 2010

Frightfest (Part II)

Lisa reminded me today that I forgot to post Part II of my last Halloween post!  I guess I was a bit busy getting ready for Miss Hayley's 13th birthday...  Anyway, Luke's fascination with all things scary has expanded to include zombies and screaming skeletons!  Now that I've been surrounded by all of this stuff for the past couple of weeks, it doesn't seem quite as bad as it initially did... you'll have to let me know what you think.  The spiders, skulls, and bats are actually growing on me...
This guy is actually working my last nerve though... everytime someone enters or exits our house he screams and blinks his green eyes for what seems like five minutes!
Marcus the Carcass
I read on the box that our zombie actually spews "vomit". Upon reading this, I asked for clarification from Wes and he has reassured me that the only thing that will be coming out of Steve's mouth is fog!
Luke has asked if we can incorporate some of the scary stuff inside the house.  Ummmm...I-don't-think-so!


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