Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Movin' Up and Out

Today was Hayley's 6th grade graduation ceremony.  The kids have been looking forward to this day for a very long time and it was fun to see all of their smiling, happy faces.  They were all so darned happy and excited.  It was very cute (and refreshing) to see all of the girls dressed in their new dresses and high heels and even some of the boys wearing suits and ties! 
Hayley with the two best dressed boys at graduation... Alex and Harrison!
See what I mean about the happiness smiles?!
More cute, happy, smiling faces:  Neha, Hayley, Natalie, McKenna, and Kelsie.
Miss Maddy and Hayley with their candy necklaces!
I thought this was so cute... Hayley and B.F.F. Savannah chose the same style dresses (different patterns)!  They didn't shop together or even discuss with each other the type of dress that they got!  I guess they're just on the same wavelength!
Hayley and McKenna.
I know this day wasn't about me, but I have to say, while it's been fun for the kids (and me) I'm glad it's finally coming to an end!  I'm exhausted from all of the end of the year insanity activities... more specifically, sixth grade activities over the last four weeks.  We've crammed in a week at 6th grade camp, final band concerts, Jr. High dances, 6th grade skate parties, winding up art docent responsibilities, school BBQ's, school carnivals and in the next couple of days we'll be finishing up with the school field day and end of the year class parties and gatherings! 

I can't help but say how mixed my emotions are.  I'm so happy for our little girl, but that happiness is definitely sprinkled with a tiny bit of sadness.  Mostly I'm sad because this is the last year that Luke and Hayley will ever be at the same school again!  There are going to be a lot of little changes in our household come September, the most noticeable will be that they'll both be on different school schedules...  Hayley will be out the door by 7:15 a.m. (wish us luck on this one!) and Luke won't leave the house until closer to 9.  These Elementary school years have just flown by and I'm anticipating that the next six years of Junior High and High School are going to are going to seem like the blink of an eye.  Before we know it, we're going to be signing the waivers for Driver's Ed!!! 
There's a lot on the horizon for Miss Hayley and we look forward to helping her navigate her way... 
We love you Hayley Linn!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wet and Sudsy School Carnival

Hayley and Luke attended their school carnival last night.  It's always one of the highlights of the school year and they look forward to it for weeks ahead of time.  This year was no exception, especially since Hayley is a 'BKOC' aka Big Kid on Campus!  It's a tradition that the sixth graders work a dunk tank at the carnival.  They all work ten minute shifts in the tank while students and adults take turns throwing three balls at a target in an attempt to dunk them.  Here's Hayley working her shift.  She had a ball!

Love this picture!  Check out those feet in the bottom of the tank!
This was Luke's favorite thing of the evening!  The Suds Pool!  It was so cool... they were dry suds!

New Look

For all of my seven followers... you've probably noticed by now that I have ANOTHER new blog look!  I guess I should mention that Hayley, my 12 year old,  is a computer geek, more specifically a blogging pro and she's always asking if she can update/change the look of my blog.  I always tell her that I'm completely satisfied with the look of my blog, but she wears me down by repeatedly insisting that I need a new look.  Well, I have been blogging for approximately nine months now and I think that this is my 3rd blog make-over.  I'm sure there are more on the horizon, so let me know what you think of this one and keep your eyes peeled for new ones!

Hayley's 6th Grade Party

Hayley has one more week as a sixth grader.  No more recess!  Time has sure flown by!  She has been at the same elementary school with all of the same kids for all seven years which I am just thrilled about because I attended three different elementary schools when I was young.  It's been fun to watch her grow up with this same core group of friends.  New and exciting experiences are on the horizon for her... she's on to Junior High!!  Very bittersweet for me....
You just can't go to the skating rink without getting a blue slushie!
Photo op with some of Hayley's girlfriends...
Let's do the Hokey Pokey!
Hayley taking time out for a photo op with her BFF, Savannah.  The girls have been bests since the first day of kindergarten!
Hayley was in Girl Scouts from kindergarten through fifth grade and towards the end of the skating party I realized that almost all of her original troop was in attendance.  I think we were just missing two girls so I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to have them pose for this shot together!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Playin' Hooky

Ssshhhhhh, don't tell, but today I taught Luke how to ditch school!  We just had a 'mom and me' day and I am so, so happy that we did it!  All day long I could tell how much this special time alone with mom meant to him.  I told him the night before that we were going to go to the Seattle Art Museum and to the Pike Place Market for lunch.  We both decided on the drive into Seattle that the day was going to be all about new experiences. 

First stop, the best donuts in town... Top Pot, right underneath the monorail.  Believe it or not, this first photo of Luke with the donut was taken about 6 minutes after he just finished throwing up!  Poor Lukey Bear... we were in line to place our donut order when he looked at me and told me that he didn't feel so good.  We quickly left the line and hurried to the bathrooms and we would've made it, but it's the kind of bathroom that you have to go and get the key at the register to unlock it!  Well, Luke lost his lunch right outside the bathroom door.  Poor little guy... Well, I offered many times over to clean up the mess, but the guys at Top Pot took care of it... so nice.  I guess that was our first new experience of the day. 
Next new experience was the Seattle Art Museum.  Just in case you want to know for summertime fun, the first Thursday of every month is free admission AND if you park in their garage it's only $6 for five hours (as long as you park after 12)!

There were about 10 of these cars hanging from the ceiling as you walk in to to museum.  First thing Luke said to me when we walked in to the lobby was, "Is this art mom?" 
I asked an innocent passerby if she would kindly take a photo of me with my boy posing by some Aboriginal art.  She was happy to do it.  Well, as soon as the flash went off she got busted by museum security... just so you know... no flash photography!
I forgot to mention the sweetest thing of the day.  Luke brought his own notebook AND sketchbook.  He actually kept taking breaks to sit down and journal our entire day!  So cute!  He also sketched a few pieces of artwork...
This was Luke's favorite piece of art.  I forgot to get the name of it, but basically it's a guy made out of recycled wine bottles.
Loved this piece of art.  Again, not sure of the name, but it's a huge cape/coat made out of only dog tags!  It was amazing!
Here Luke is journaling about this 'car'.  It's actually from an artist in Ghana.  It's a miniature of a coffin.  Apparently, in Ghana it is somewhat common to have elaboate coffins made that represent who the deceased was or what they loved in life.  After I finished reading the information about this art/artist to Luke, he looked up at me and said, "I guess I would be buried in a giant Lego then!"  Hilarious stuff!
Third new experience of the day (for Luke anyway)... Lamb Gyros and Spanikopita!  He loved it!  We had gelato for dessert and I had a new flavor experience... Strawberry Basil!  Delish!
Luke took these beautiful photos from a couple of vendors at the market.

I had a wonderful day with my 8 year old boy!