Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had another fun Halloween.  The excitement from school parties and trick or treating with friends had me worn out by nine o'clock!  As you can see from the family photo below, most of our costumes were thrown together at the last minute. 

Savannah the kitty cat & Hayley the rocker chick. 

Skyler the Rastafarian and Luke the Software Nerd... the open fly was part of the costume!

Group shot of all of Luke's friends and classmates.

Luke stayed in costume up until the end!  He collected all of his candy in his briefcase!

The evening always ends with sorting the loot and then doing the trades.  

Had to show a photo of my Halloween Spider Web Cookies that I made for Luke's class party... it was a spider theme.  Cute, right?!