Monday, May 28, 2012

Olympic Sculpture Park

We generally don't leave town over short holiday weekends.  We don't like the crowds and we especially don't like the traffic that we encounter on the way home.  We're also watching our pocket book a little more carefully these days, so we I decided that rather than sitting around the house we're going to explore our own backyard this year.  There are so many amazing parks around the Seattle area, so we started off this Memorial Day weekend with a visit to the Olympic Sculpture Park and afterwards took a long walk through Myrtle Edwards Park. It was our first time at either place... how sad is that when we've lived in the Seattle area for 25 years! 

This was one of my favorite sculptures.  It's so whimsical!  It was kind of amusing because Wes and I had to explain to the kids what it actually was.

I was very impressed with the layout of this park.  The grounds were beautiful, spacious and very natural.

Something to keep in mind... the park offers walking tours.  Check out the website to find out more information!

The park was filled with beautiful wildflowers.

Hayley and Luke at Myrtle Edwards Park.  It's an awesome park for a long (flat!) bike ride.

I'm not sure what we found so funny, but I love this candid photo of Wes.

 After our park visits and walks we rewarded ourselves with some awesome food from Red Mill Burgers.  This is another thing that I'm going to try to do with the kids this summer... explore local eateries and some of the popular food trucks.  I've been getting great ideas about where to go and what to do from reading Seattle Magazine and Bon Appetit.
After a beautiful day at the park and a long walk we headed to Red Mill Burgers.

Just a few other people & organizations think these burgers are pretty good...

Hayley getting caught up on her social life while waiting for our burgers and shakes.

It's a fact:  the messier the burger is, the more delicious it is!

I think this photo sums up how good the burgers were!  Next burger joint to try:  Zippy's in White Center!


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