Monday, December 13, 2010

One Sweet Day...

The kids and I have always decorated gingerbread houses every Christmas Season, but this year we invited all of the local cousins over for an afternoon of decorating.  With three different families contributing, we had quite the selection of candy!  There definitely wasn't a shortage of sugar!  I was actually kind of surprised how long everyone stayed focused at this project.  I would say that half of them (the girls!) actually completed their entire house... we lost the boys about 2/3 of the way through which I still thought was pretty impressive!  Here's a shot of the kids as they're just getting started.
Luke and Ashlie totally focused....
Cody shortly before he lost his focus!  :)
This is the first year that Hayley finished her entire house!
Tatum (and her cute freckles!) shingling her house with lifesavers.
Dylan decided to use an assortment of candy for his roofing material!
We had a ton of candy leftover... did you know that it saves perfectly fine in zip lock baggies for the following year?  Just make sure you store it in a dry area inside your home rather than in your garage or an outdoor storage shed.  Another tip:  purchase your gingerbread at an after-Christmas sale.  They save beautifully for the following year!
 Hayley is currently trying to teach her old mom how to use 'Picnik'.  I went a little crazy with the special effects, but hey, it's really addicting!  I couldn't stop...
A close-up shot of their completed houses.  Too cute!  This will hopefully be an annual 'Cousins Tradition'!
Hayley's house is on display on my desk.


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