Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gourmet Food High!

I am so excited right now!  Lisa and I just made an awesome discovery!  It was so awesome that I decided to purchase in BULK!!  Here's the story... Lisa and I were running an errand together this morning, but I made her make one stop prior to getting to our final destination. 

See, I had this groupon that I had to redeem and since we were going to be in the area I thought it'd be easy for me just to run in and pick up my purchase.  If you don't know what Groupon is click here

Anywaaaaay, I had purchased a coupon (for $10!) for the following items:  3 snowman cookies, 3 gingerbread cookies, 6 candy canes, & 2 boxes of custom flavored tea cookies, so when we went into this warehouse to pick up my goodies we were met with the sight of pallets and pallets of these beautiful sweets that they were just about giving away!  My heart started palpitating and my mind was going a mile a minute to figure out who I could give these gorgeous treats to.  I sooooo love a good bargain!

The prices were so AMAZING that we bought five cases of treats!  I think the total cost for the five cases was only twenty dollars!!  If my math is correct the cost per gorgeous treat was only about ten cents!

Since I'm on the Teacher Appreciation Committee at Luke's elementary school, I bought two cases of the big swirly suckers for all of the teachers and staff!  I printed off little tags and tied them to the dowel of the suckers and tomorrow morning I'll place this nice little Christmas surprise in their mail boxes!  I know that they are going to bring lots of smiles to our wonderful teachers!

They do not have a store front and I am not sure what the hours and/or days that this warehouse will be open, but if you're interested in checking it out here's the phone number that I found on the tag:  206.903.0500.  They are located in Tukwila on 68th or W. Valley Hwy. just around the corner from the Southcenter Home Depot.  Let me know if you make it down for the deals!


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