Monday, August 23, 2010

What I've Learned So Far

1.  There's nothing more gorgeous and delicious than a tomato that you've grown yourself.
2.  Stake your peas and beans shortly after you plant the seeds because once they start to come up they are searching for something to wrap their amazingly strong tendrils onto.  If there's no stake available, they will cling to each other and it's difficult to unwrap those sticky tendrils and redirect them.
3.  Pea and Bean tendrils are incredibly strong!
4.  Too much rain is not necessarily a good thing.  More than 2/3 of what I originally planted was drowned out by all of the spring rain.
5.  More is not always better.  When Luke and I were planting, if the package said to plant 4 seeds in a hole we thought that maybe 6 or 7 would really insure that something would grow.  Well, because of this over-planting we learned about thinning which we apparently didn't do quite good enough because our radishes didn't mature proprerly.
6.  Patience is a virtue.


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