Thursday, August 12, 2010

Belated Birthday Celebration

Luke turned nine while we were on vacation in LA last month.  He had an awesome birthday celebration (inflatable waterslide included!) at my sister's house and a couple of days after that we went to Legoland for the day.  Even with that Luke was pretty insistent that he be able to get together with two of his best buddies when we returned home, so today was that day!  Luke's description of his perfect celebration was having lunch at Blue C Sushi and then going to the Lego Store with Noah and Skyler.

The boys had a blast at Blue C Sushi.  They loved pulling their plates off of the conveyor belt and watching hilarious anime cartoons on the wall.  I was very impressed with their adventurous palates!  Can you say raw tuna?  :)
On to the Lego Store at Bellevue Square.  The boys had fun loading up their containers with a wide assortment of lego pieces.  The challenge was trying to cram as many pieces into the container while still being able to have the lid connect in some way to the base!  I kept adding the tiniest pieces to their containers and they kept saying they had enough and I kept saying that there was more room to squeeze some in at the bottom.  I wish I would've taken a picture of the containers when we were done with them because they were so full that the lid was merely balancing on the top of a mound of legos.  The salesperson had to tape the lids on... gotta get our money's worth!  :)  
Decisions, decisions...
We ended the day with some Red Mango yogurt and with the boys playing cowboys and injuns outside in our beautiful backyard/forest! 


Lisa said...

Good to have you back in the blogging world! Looks like a fun birthday celebration with 3 fun boys!

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