Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaack... along with 25 pounds of blueberries!

I haven't blogged in two months!  I can't believe how time flies... I have really missed documenting our family life through my blog.  We've had a fantastic (and incredibly busy) summer so far, but I could just not get it together enough to stay up to date on my blog.  Every few days or so I would think that this was the day that I would catch up on our story, but it just never happened!  I think it was difficult because our days were so unstructured and each day was different...  Anywaaaaaay, I'm going to try to get back in the groove here. 

Thanks to my friend, Dawn, I was reminded about Canter-Berry Farms in Auburn.  Luke and I went on Monday evening to pick some blueberries and we just had a lovely time picking about 9 pounds of gorgeous, delicious berries!  We enjoyed it so much that we went back the following evening with Hayley and Wes.  The berries were only two dollars per pound and they allow you to eat as many of them as you want while you're picking!  I think we got our money's worth! 

Each bush was crazy loaded with berries!  It made picking them fast and easy.
Our technique for thorough collecting:  Wes got the top of the bush and Luke gathered down low.
I forgot to ask the owner exactly how many bushes they had, but just to give you an idea... we were in row number 34 and each row probably had 30 bushes each.  If I had to guess, I would say that there were probably over 100 rows!  The bushes are around 60 years old!
Because they don't use chemicals of any kind, once we got home we hand picked through each and every berry to make sure that there weren't any worms or bugaboos.  Then we laid them out flat on cookie sheets and froze them.  The whole process took us a few hours!


Hayhay said...

Lol, who knew blueberries could cause so much pain... blah. :P

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! YUMMY!

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