Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scrappin' With My Girlfriends

It may not have been my most productive weekend of scrapbooking, but it was definitely the most relaxing!  Since I've been trying to watch the outgoing dollars lately, I decided to host a pseudo retreat at my house instead of spending a few hundred + on the typical retreats that I usually go on.  I had so much fun with my girlfriends.  We stayed up late, we slept in late, we ate well (and not so well), we sat outside at times and just enjoyed the warmth of the sun, we gabbed and giggled and watched a few chick flicks.  We even broke out the Margaritaville Machine!
Miss Gina looking too cute while perusing through some magazines trying to get some layout ideas... 
Dar looks pretty and quite focused.  She needed that focus to be able to whip out 28 totally cute layouts!  Way to get creative and use up a lot of your older product!  WooHoo!
Erica's looking pretty pleased after her maiden trip to the Scrapbook Nook in Kent.  She fell in love with the store!  Hey Erica, I just discovered my little gift that you left for me on my desk!  I'm so excited!  Thank you soooooooooooo much... can't wait to use my GC at the Nook in the very near future!
Forcing Gigi to pose with me before she Cricuts her heart out.
I was a little disappointed at first that I didn't get a lot of my traditional scrapbook layouts completed, but I am very pleased that I got completely caught up with my Project 365 book... I'm talking journaling and embelleshing and everything!  So happy!

Thank you so much to my wonderful girlfriends for a delightful weekend!  Hope there are many more to come in the future!


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