Monday, May 17, 2010

Cooking with Hayley

I've realized lately that I do waaaaay to much for my kids, so Hayley and I have decided that it's time for her to know how to cook (laundry will come later).  Okay, okay, it was really my idea, but she's 12 1/2 now... it's time, right?  This is her second time in two weeks that she's made dinner with very little assistance from me.  Last week she made Chicken Parmesan and this week she wanted to try Lasagne.  I'm very proud of her.  She's really had a great attitude about the whole process!
 Her finished product!  She did a great job and it was enjoyed by everyone!


Holly said...

PS...Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!

Holly said...

I am impressed! Can't wait to put Cole to work in the kitchen. I wanted to tell you again (we're totally having a conversation in our blog funny) how much I appreciated what you told me. I feel bad that you were worried about it. I was so glad that you mentioned it because I was assuming once he learned out how to climb out without hurling himself onto the floor, he'd be safe from injury. We took the crib rail down the same day I read your post! We moms have to learn from each other! Thank you, Karin!!!

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