Saturday, March 13, 2010


There are few pieces of equipment that I love more than my pressure washer.  My blower does run a very close second with my riding lawn mower close behind that.  I think my husband is forever grateful that he's married to a gal that loves the gratification of seeing immediate results!  I love, love, love a clean driveway (free of pine needles and branches) and freshly mowed lawn, but I do think that I get the most joy out of seeing the results of pressure washing!!  Wes rarely has to operate these pieces of equipment because I take care of all of it!  I should give him some credit though... I can never get the darn blower or pressure washer started myself... he's always got to set me up.  I do not know what I would do without my pressure washer!  I have to use it at least two times a year because of all of the moss build-up.
I'm almost embarrassed to show this next picture.  This is a photo of the back porch just as I was getting started.  Keep in mind that all this nasty moss is a years worth of build-up because I don't think that I got around to pressure washing last fall.  
Here's the 'After' photo... isn't it pretty?!
Here's a close-up of the difference between a clean porch and a year's worth of moss build-up!  Gross, huh?
I can't believe I'm showing you this one... I know what you all must be thinking... "If her porch looks like this, I wonder what the inside of her house looks like!"  Do you see why I LOVE my pressure washer!!?!


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Lol, great post!

Amy said...

Hi Karen, I'm following you!!

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