Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am especially proud of my children today... Hayley, along with a dozen other kids from her youth group started off her morning at Storehouse.  It's an organization that collects perishable food (fruits and vegetables, dairy and bread products) that local grocery stores donate.  It's food that is close to expiring.  Hayley happily volunteered a few hours this morning sorting through the food and getting rid of moldy, heavily bruised, and oddly colored fruits and veggies.  This food is then boxed up and and immediately delivered to local needy families.

While Hayley was at Storehouse, Luke and I picked up trash in our neighborhood.  This was part of his environment and recycling requirement for Cub Scouts. I am always amazed at the amount of trash that is thrown out of cars in our community.  The hill leading up to our neighborhood is horrible!  I just hope that we made an impact on all the people that drove by in cars watching an eight year old picking up their trash.  We almost filled up a 30 gallon bag! 


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