Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Signs of Spring? Please?

It happens at around the same time every year... I get Spring Fever!  I want and need sun and warmth on a consistent basis.  That's the key word... CONSISTENCY!  We've had a few sunny days this spring, but unfortunately, spring in the Pacific Northwest usually brings with it mostly rain and gloomy days.  In fact, this past Monday we had quite the hail storm!  It hailed for so long and so hard that Hayley's track meet was cancelled and before we could pull out of the parking lot the field had turned white!  Crazy weather!  I've decided to really focus on the beautiful details to help me get through this final push of winter!  Here are few things in my yard that have put a smile on my face recently...
I had to include this photo... Spring was definitely in the air if Luke and Wes could play a game outside!


Holly said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures, Karin! This confirms it...I need a fancy camera!

Holly said...

Miss Karin, I'm trying to comment on your blog, but it's not working...what's up with that! Here's one more try. I love your spring pictures, they are beautiful!

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