Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jilly's Back!

Jillian, one of my Texas nieces', is back for a few weeks this summer!  We've been lucky enough to have her visit for the past three years and we look forward to it more each year!  She and Hayley are besties, but since Hayley doesn't return from her mission trip for a couple of more days, Luke and I get Jillian all to ourselves until then!
Luke made this sign for Jill (and he wants to leave it up for Hayley's return).

The obligatory Pike Place Market photo.

Seattle has added a permanent ferris wheel right down on Pier 57 in Elliot Bay.

About an hour into our visit at the market Jillian informed me that this was her first visit!  I was in shock!  I still can't believe that... I'm going to have to go through the past few years of photos to double check... I can't imagine that I wouldn't have brought her here a few years ago!

We got a chance to see the flying fish, but Jill was not happy about the smell!

Luke insisted on showing her the bubble gum wall in Post Alley below the market.  I still think this is where Luke and I could make our fortune... we need to set up a booth selling gumballs!

Luke and Jill agreed to share a donut... a TEXAS size one!


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