Monday, July 2, 2012


I love to give 'experiences' for gifts, so Luke and Wes both got iFly gift certificates for Christmas and we finally got around to going sometime in April.  Hayley wanted to bring her camera to take photos, so I left mine at home.  Since I didn't see the photos on my chip I promptly forgot about them until recently, so that is why I am just getting around to posting these fun pictures.  They both had a blast and Hayley and I had almost as much fun just watching them!  I would highly recommend this for adventure seekers!
Suited up and ready to go!

Everyone has to take a 30 minute training class prior to doing their two turns.  I think each turn was about 2 minutes.

The wind speeds for Wes and Luke were between 85 - 120 miles an hour.  The speed depends upon
the weight of each person.

This was a really special day for Wes and Luke.  What a treat.... definitely on the expensive side, but worth it!


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