Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Candy & Treat Bar

The teachers and staff at my little guy's elementary school absolutely LOVED this Valentine Candy & Treat Bar that we put on for them yesterday!  The treats that everyone on the Staff Appreciation Committee contributed were amazing and delicious and displayed so beautifully.  We even provided the staff with To Go containers so they could take their goodies home for their families.  I came all prepared to take pictures of the completed tablescape... well, I got about five close-up photos of some of the goodies and then I heard square dancing music coming from the gym and, of course, got totally distracted!  I hustled to the gym to take some pictures of the third graders do-si-do'ing and after the fourth picture that I took my camera battery died!  Aargh!  So, I had to go home and charge my battery and after about an hour I went back up to the school to take the photos of the treat table and, wow, word must've gotten out about the yumminess in the Teacher's Lounge because it had already been hit hard!  Fortunately, I had hidden a few sweets under the table to replenish with, but in my craziness I neglected to take a close-up of Carrie's beautiful kiss cookies (sorry Carrie)!  They were delicious... in fact, everything was delectable and I know of what I speak because I think I sampled everything on the table!  :)  

A close-up view of the table after it had been hit!  :)

top left:  Michelle's Valentine Sugar Cookies   
bottom right:  Karin's Chocolate Covered Caramels & Staci's Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes

top left:  Lisa's Chocolate Covered Preztzel Rods  top right:  Deborah's Chocolate Covered Cherries
bottom left:  Nadya's Valentine Tea Selection           bottom right:  Karin's Candy Buttons

top left:  Kim's Krispy Kisses               top right:  Karin's Pretzel Kisses
bottom left:  Krista's Cake Pops       bottom right:  Dawn's wrapped candy bars

top left:  Jill's bowl o' m&m's     top right:  Staci's Red Velvet Mini Cupcake Bouquet
bottom left:  Vicki's Raspberry Chocolate Thumbprints   bottom right:  Lisa's Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies



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