Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rocket Cookies & More Dots

Making some cute rocket cookies for Luke's Blue and Gold Cub Scout Ceremony.  It's a space theme.  I haven't made sugar cookies with the Royal Icing in a couple of years because they require a lot more time (and energy).  I'm way out of practice, but I had fun making them!  I found the frosting recipe here.

Started with the thicker meringue frosting piped along the edges.
Thinned out the meringue frosting to make it flood the cookie.

I tried to get really fancy with different designs (windows/doors/numbers) & wasn't thilled with any of them... I ended up just doing this basic design.  I have definitely reached the 'it's-good-enough' stage!
In case you haven't noticed, I am OBSESSED with these little candy dots!  They are just too, too cute and the recipe makes a bunch (like around 65!) of sheets of them!


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