Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010 Highlights

I have been so neglectful about posting during this Christmas Break.  Just got caught up in life and relaxing laying around on the couch watching endless TCM (Turner Classic Movies) movies that I've DVR'd OR as Wes likes to call them, my black and whites.  The Deti Family actually had a wonderful Christmas Season filled with lots of friends, parties, food, and did I mention food?!  As I sit here typing this entry I feel my third stomach roll forming... no joke we ate a lot of sweets!  Well, here's a view of our Christmas highlights.

FREE Christmas Cards!  I took advantage of the 50 free card offer that Shutterfly was offering to bloggers (and my 10 free cards from Lisa's Shutterfly party!).


Making Homemade Gifts

Jake, the happy recipient of a "no-sew" blanket!

December 13th... Wes' 48th!  Enjoying his favorite dish from his favorite chain!  Poppy, our psycho dog, really should be in this photograph because the reason that we're having Olive Garden take-out instead of actually enjoying the meal in the restaurant is because we can't leave our anxiety-ridden dog for longer than 15 minutes, but hey, that's a whole 'nother blog entry!


The story of Jesus' birth... Luke played the wiseman in the middle.  Too cute!

All Wise Men wore green crocs, right?!  The reason he's wearing green crocs in the first place is because he told me that the Sunday School teachers told him that he would be going barefoot during the play.... riiiiiiiight....

Silly Christmas Cookies

The endless search for a star tree topper finally ended this year!  We I found a star that we I finally loved!  I think we've gone without a tree topper for about three years now!  And, yes, that is a cobweb in the upper left-hand corner of this photo... it couldn't be seen with the naked eye.  And, yes, it along with the air vent right beside it are both clean now!

Annual traditions... can't believe that I used to make the gingerbread pieces from scratch!  Not only did it come in a box again this year (thank you Wilton!), but it also came PRE-ASSEMBLED!

Windy, stormy weather... yes, this is what I have to clean up everytime we have a windstorm!

This looks like a violent hail storm, but it's actual just snowing.

Annual Kein-Deti Christmas Gathering... jammies are optional.  Dar and I having been taking this option for the past couple of years... when in doubt, always go for elastic waistbands this close to Christmas! 

Favorite ornaments... this one's Luke's!

Hayley's favorite ornament.  When my dad was alive he had met a sweet Japanese girl on a flight.  They became Pen Pals (such a typical thing for my dad to do) for the year or two before he passed away.  She sent my dad this musical paper ornament that Hayley has adopted!

Annual shopping trip to Bellevue Square, Snowflake Lane (waaaaaay too crowded this year!) and our Marriott family overnighter! 

These were just a few of the memorable moments/scenes from our Christmas Season! 
Now I'm looking forward to s-l-o-w-i-n-g down... 



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