Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brace Face (Phase One)

Well, the day finally arrived... Luke got his braces and head gear put on!  He was a great patient and a very good sport about the whole process... and what a process it was!  We were there for about two and a half hours.  Not a tear was shed, not a word of complaint.  It was only during the last two minutes of the visit when the orthodontist was walking us to the door and telling Luke of all of the foods that he needed to stay away from that a silent tear slid down his cheek.  It was shed for his beloved popcorn...
The wonderful Dr. Kashner!
Colors of choice today were orange and green.

This was the challenging part... the Expander... he's got to live with this thing for at least six months!

The dreaded head gear!  I have promised him that he'll never have to be seen in public with it on.
My special boy... mommy will always love you!


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