Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Well, I warned you... I have a bit of catching up to do on my blog!  This trip to the pumpkin patch was about 2 1/2 weeks ago!  We try to visit a different pumpkin patch every year... this year we chose to go somewhere close.  We picked a gorgeous day to go to Thomasson Farm in Enumclaw.  I was a little sad because the pumpkins just weren't as vibrant as they have been in years past... not enough sun this year, I guess.  Regardless, we had a great time hanging out together and I was able to get my fall photos!  :)
After a little convincing, Hayley agreed to pose for me.
One of the highlights was sling-shotting the apples.  We missed the targets, but the kids loved it.
While we were waiting in line to do the sling shot, Hayley captured this photo of the man that we were right behind... get it?... right BEHIND?  get it?  I crack myself up... get it?  CRACK?!  :)
Luke picking out all of the pumpkins for his Halloween party.

 Our one rule for pumpkin picking is that you have to be able to pick it up and carry it to the cash register.  Luke was a bit ambitious.  He didn't make it far with this one!


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