Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloweeen Weekend 2010

I saw a version of this cute Frankenstein popcorn cover at a Farmer's Market this summer, so I decided to copy it and make one for all of the teachers and staff at Luke's school for Halloween (I'm on the Teacher Appreciation Committee).  Luke and I put one in each of the teachers boxes on Friday morning and from what I hear they loved it!
The real fun started on Friday afternoon with a 'Batty' party in Luke's class.
Friday night pumpkin carving... Luke did his all by himself from start to finish!
We dropped off Hayley and her friends at a Halloween party on Saturday night and then we hit a party of our own.  Luke won for Best Kid Costume.  I just don't get why Wes and I didn't win... a hippie and the Brawny Man... it's brilliant!  We were robbed! 
Kid Rock, Lisa, Jane and me.
On Halloween eve, we met up at the Reitan's house for some pizza and then fun trick-or-treating.  Here's the gang just prior to heading out the door.  So darn cute!
These were my favorite costumes this year...
Had to have my picture taken with the only other adult that I saw that dressed up!  Jeff and I know how to have a good time!  Thought his costume was a riot... he was one of the rescued miners in case you couldn't tell.
Finished up this fun, fun weekend counting our earnings at the Lang's house!  We made out!


Lisa said...

I would just like to point out that you ARE the staff appreciation committee, not on it:-) Fun photos as always!! I was actually dressed up with my wig for trick or treating but chickened out at the last minute!!

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