Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Opening Night!

Well, the day has finally arrived... Hayley's opening night performance in South Pacific at KLHS!  They kids have all been working so hard. Rehearsals have been going on everyday for the past two months which means that I was doing a lot of driving and sitting and waiting.  I shouldn't complain too much though because I got a lot of reading and crocheting done!  I know this is Hayley's gig, but I must mention how hard all of the drama parents work!  It's unbelievable the amount of hours they put in to help pull off these amazing productions!  They do everything from publicity, set-design & building sets, costume design, feeding the kids dinners on late rehearsal nights, etc., etc.  There are some talented parents out there!  I signed up to coordinate the concession stand because that's what I do best (bake, eat, and feed people).  This involved signing parents up to work the stand and soliciting for a lot of beverage and baked good donations!  Here is a photo of the outcome.  I think it turned out very cute, especially with the backdrop!
One of the parent volunteers is an artist and he designed all of the signs shown below.  What a talented man!
Here's a shot of some of the cast putting the finishing touches on hair and make-up just prior to the opening.
Headshots & bios are always posted in the lobby.  
A shot of Hayley's friends/classmates (Sarah and Maddy) who were also in the production.  The girls have so much fun and consider it quite the honor to be sixth graders performing in a a high school performance.  Cressey, the director, has been very good to them to give them this opportunity again!
Bloody Mary's Assistants!  The girls have a non-speaking role, but they are six scenes and they get to sing a couple of numbers and they also get to sign a song!
Well, one performance down... only NINE more to go!  Did I mention that show is running three hours long each night?  Yikes... Hayley's not getting to bed until 11!  She should be a joy by the end of the run... :)  Wish me luck!


Lisa said...

Your concession stand looks fabulous. And I didn't even recognize Hayley in her costume and make-up! Have a fun week, you are a great mom for doing all this for her!!

Kenna-Page said...

Cool! I'm going on Friday or Saturday of next week with Indi, hopefully Jessy and my daddy!

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