Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Work in Progress...

A while back I decided that what I really "needed" was my own scrapbook/crafting/sewing space in the house.  I own enough supplies to probably open up my own small store, but I never knew what I really had because it's always been neatly stored (and labelled) in my craft closet.  It was always rather an ordeal to pull it all out and set everything up each time I wanted to use something, SOOOO after much thought, feedback from a few friends, and a little bit of measuring this is what I've come up with... we had this cabinet/counter built in to store a lot of my paper, equipment, a doo dads.  I'm still waiting on the cabinet doors, but so far I love the look and functionality of it!
We purchased this cubicle piece at IKEA during their most recent sale.  It was only $70 and I'm very happy with it.  It fits my older-style scrapbooks perfectly.  Now I have no excuses... I've got to start creating at home and actually using the product that I have on hand!  I think my next scrapbook retreat is going to take place here at home!  :)


Kenna-Page said...

Cute my mom likes it!

staci berkley and mckenna

Lisa said...

WOO HOO scrapbooking at Karin's!! I'm in:-) It looks FANTASTIC and I am very jealous!! Love the cabinet!!

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