Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trimming the Tree 2009

Traditions are so, so important to Hayley and Luke (especially Miss Hayley!).  If we do anything out of the norm or we forget to do something, she calls us on it every time!  Knowing this, I still tried, once again, to let the kids know that we didn't have to put every single ornament on the tree... some can stay in the box.  Well, that just didn't go over with them at all... each one has special meaning or memories of who gave a certain ornament to each of them.  That being said, all 106 ornaments ended up on our tree again!  We did end up getting a new tree (gotta love Costco!) this year, so I guess we added a little height to it.

Hayley wearing one of her many penguin ornaments as an earring.  She loves her penguins and has been receiving a different penguin ornament every year for the past four or five years!


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