Monday, December 21, 2009

Metal Mouth!

Well, the day has finally arrived.... Hayley had her orthodontist appointment to get her braces on! She handled it like a trooper. She was a little bit anxious, but also a little bit excited! Her big dilemma was trying to decide which color bands she wanted on! I dropped her off and ran a couple of errands and about an hour later came back to her with the bottom braces on...

I stayed for the last hour and a half to observe the process....
Now for the bands! She decided on neon pink and green for the first three months. She's already starting to think about what colors she wants to change to in March!
Final outcome! This is what four grand gets you these days!!!


Anonymous said...

Braces rock!!!!!!! Just got my bands changed today!!!!!!!! Cool right??????? Christmas colors!

hayley and I have to get together over Winter Break!


PS thanks for checking out my blog! I deleted it becuase I didn't like it!

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