Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hayley's Birthweek!

This was an extremely busy week! When did the birthday become the weeklong celebration?? First we had the family party on Tuesday evening (October 6th).... Hayley's cousin Dylan celebrated his 3rd birthday the night before Hayley's 'official' birthday, so we got together with everyone and had dinner and birthday cakes!

Hayley got this totally cute Domo cap from her BFF, Savannah... so cute!

Wednesday, October 7th was Hayley's actual birthday... Can't believe she's already twelve! She's officially a TWEEN and she's loving every second of it! We took her out for a surprise birthday dinner to a place called Blue C Sushi. All of the dishes are color coded (this determines the price of the dish) and they go around the restaurant on a conveyer belt. You simply grab the dish(es) that look appealing to you and the waitress tallies up your bill by looking at the stack of plates left on your table. As you can see, we really enjoyed ourselves! Hayley's favorite dish was the shrimp, rice, and seaweed sushi.
Luke's favorite dish was the squid!

super cute shirt from Jilli!

Looks like we enjoyed ourselves....

The final birthday celebration for the week was her 'Friends' party. She and 7 of her friends went bowling at this cute little bowling alley in Tacoma called Chalet Bowl. After bowling, she had a slumber party and a few of the girls pulled an 'all-nighter'. A great time was had by all! Did I mention how sick I am of baking cakes and cupcakes! I think the #12 cake was about the sixth or seventh one that I did during this week!

Hayley's bowling technique is very unique!

Hayley still loves her Club Penguin!

Left to Right: Lara, McKenna, Hayley, Savannah, Indira, Sarah, Casey and Harrison.


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