Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Tonight was our annual pumpkin carving at Grandma and Grandpa Deti's house. We were without Hayley on this evening because she went to a party instead. We missed her, but she had a blast at her friend Casey's house! Luke decided to write a word (BEWARE!) on his pumpkin this year! It turned out really cool and this was the first year that he actually did most of the carving and gutting by himself!

Cody (Luke's cousin) and Luke getting the gory guts out of their jack-o-lanterns!

Group shot of the cousins with their Jack-o-Lanterns: Cody, Luke, Tatum, Ashlie, and Dylan.

Group shot of some of the kids at the party that Hayley attended. All of the kids are her 6th grade classmates. It's hard to see Hayley's costume, but we basically just came up with it on our own. She named herself 'The Alien Witch'. We just pieced it together and had fun doing it. Basically her shirt and headband has neon googly eyes adhered all over it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a better shot of it... she was cute in it. :)

My yummy sugar cookies that I made for Luke's class party!


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