Monday, August 15, 2011

Cali Vacation Day Two: Malibu

We all went to Malibu Beach and had an awesome time.  Truthfully, I could've just done this every day that we were in LA.  Hanging out at the beach is one of my favorite things to do... so relaxing!  It was even more special because Wes was able to be there with us!  He had driven up from San Diego to spend the day with us (he'd been down there for his high school reunion).  Luke learned how to boogie board and I got to revisit it... so fun!

Wes giving Luke some pointers.
Trying it out on a small wave.
After successfuly catching his first wave.
Two of the cutest fannies in Malibu that day.
Me and Luke catching a wave.
I was trying to catch a cute shot of the kids when they were surprised by a big wave.
Jilli stayed close to shore for the first half of the day, but twenty minutes before we were leaving she finally cut loose and got out there with everyone else.
Blake the sand lover!
Wes and Uncle Dave.
Hayley saving Miss Camille.  :)


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