Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Story Behind the Photo

Woke up on Saturday... in a rush as usual... totally dreary, rainy, gray day... off to the theatre to see 'The Secret Garden' and from there on to a baby shower and two graduation parties!  Busy day, right?  Luke's down to one pair of ratty old sneakers which, as I am walking by the back door, I notice seem to have been left out in the rain all-night-long.  I'm ready to freak out on him because he literally has no other shoes to put on except for his baseball cleats, so he ends up wearing his sister's zebra print flip-flops to the theatre (which I must say he was a little too comfortable with!).  Anyway, I refuse to buy more sneakers at this point in the year because he only lives in crocs during the summer, so in between the theatre and the baby shower we have to run to the mall to finally purchase his summer footwear.  Not my favorite place to be on a rainy Saturday, but the mall it had to be because the color of choice this year is orange and not everyone carries this awesome color!  Anyway, that's the story behind the photo...
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