Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fresh from the Garden

This morning on the way to the bus stop Luke asked if he could make dinner.  Well, I'm no fool!  I was all over it!  He couldn't remember the name of what he wanted to make, but among the ingredients he requested I have on hand were meat (ground beef) and soup (cream o' something).  Then, after mixing & heating it up with some spices he served it on a bed of farfalle.  It was basically a poor man's stroganoff and even though it was delicious, I just couldn't bring myself to take a photo of it because, well, it kind of looked like dog food.  :)  But, it was the best darn dog food... I mean stroganoff that I've ever had!  The gorgeous part of the meal was the salad that he made. 
He picked some green and red leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, pole beans, pea pods and a couple of different varieties of carrots.  I just think it's the neatest thing to be able to go out in your garden and pick food right out of the soil and serve it up immediately for a meal.
He put this lovely salad together all by himself!


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