Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Assembly

Well, it was the annual Veteran's Day Assembly at Hayley and Luke's school, so I do believe that this was Wes' seventh year being honored for his time that he served in the Navy! The kids beg him to be able to make this assembly each year... they're so proud of their dad! Grass Lake does an awesome job of honoring all of the veterans. It's always a very moving ceremony, but this year it was the best ever... they incorporated more singing, a drama production and they brought in some Veteran's from the VFW.

Here's Wes being escorted to the front of the gym by Hayley and Luke.

All of the boy and girl scouts participated in the assembly as well. They held flags and lined the walkway where the Veteran's walked down. They also performed the flag ceremony.

Luke and his buddy Hunter (or is it his twin Nicholas?!) saluting the flag as it's being marched down the walkway.


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