Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Friends, Fires & Fried Onions

Different cities, busy sports schedules, jobs, school and just a whole lotta life make it very difficult to connnect with friends and it's been many months since we've been able to spend some good, quality time with our friends Jake and Max!  We've really missed them so we were excited when we were finally able to fit in a sleepover this past weekend.  After only a few awkward shy teenage moments the kids were able to pick up right where they left off in May!  Hayley and Jake have known each other since they were nine months old and I just love the fact that they're still awesome buds.   
Most of the games are the same... they all still love the trampoline, roasting marshmallows, board games, Nerf gun wars and the Wii...
But the cell phone & texting were extremely popular this time around...
Jake had mentioned that his Uncle Pat had made the most awesome Onion Rings this summer.  This immediately made my mouth water and inspired me to try to make them myself for the first time!  They aren't as intimidating as they seem... just very time consuming.  They were delish!
We sure had a great time with the boys and no one threw up on my watch, so I consider our time together a great success!  We love you guys!


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